For anyone ordering Hemp Hearts in our new 500g and 1 kg sizes, you will be the first to see the roll out of our refreshed new look.

Here at Hemp New Zealand, we are very proud to be all about NZ grown, nutritious plant food.

Your customers are increasingly looking for foods that are good for them and good for the planet, but the food needs to be tasty, and easy to use. People are time poor, and we want to help them to find the foods that fit their lifestyle choices easily, so our logos increase accessibility to the information on our products. We want to help busy people make good food choices.

Our colour change will bring all our current, and future, products together. The new palette reflects Hemp New Zealand, and our brands Hemp Farm and Promise, natural aspirations, with a modern twist.

There is one further step that we really want to focus on now. We want to align ourselves with others who are optimistic, and working for the good of the planet, and its population. Our new logo is be the seed of change, and you will see us focusing on how we are, behind the scenes, part of a greater sustainability movement.

Our new logo is an invitation to you, and to your customers, to join us in being the seed of change.